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Current Projects

A sample of the types of projects underway at DRG Advisory Services

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Mixed-Use Development

Downtown Redevelopment

DRG Advisory Services is working with a development team to redevelop an old industrial site in downtown Ashland, MA into a vibrant new community featuring 200 apartment units and 30,000 SF of commercial space to include offices, retail, restaurants and more.


Housing Market Study

Graduate Student Housing

DRG Advisory Services is working with Jeffrey Donohoe Associates on an ground-breaking study of the unique housing needs of graduate students at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.  With a large supply of private undergraduate apartments, older and more mature students often are forced to seek housing in other communities, increased costs and long commute times.  Our team has been asked to provide realistic recommendations for solving some of these issues.

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Downtown Redevelopment

New Quincy Center

DRG Advisory Services continues to work with RKG Associates and the City of Quincy, Massachusetts on the redevelopment of its historic downtown.  Using a variety of financing and development tools including tax increment financing, DRG oversees the economic feasibility of continued public investment in infrastructure to support private economic development.

Projects: Projects
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